Current Vacancies

Glen Eira Adult Learning Centre (GEALC) is looking for:

an EAL Tutor

to take accredited EAL Level 3 classes (Certificates III in EAL – 22486VIC) starting from Tuesday 7 March:

  • Tuesday and Thursday mornings (from 9am to 12pm)
  • Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (from 12.30 to 3.30pm)
  • Wednesdays from 9.30am to 3.00pm.

In addition we are also looking for:

an AMEP Placement Assessor (Adult Migrant English Program)

The AMEP Placement Assessor role is responsible for conducting initial assessments for placing AMEP students into accredited EAL Framework classes and administrative duties related to this role.


To submit an application, please email Ann Manning at, using the subject line: GEALC EAL Tutor or AMEP Placement Assessor.

For more information call 03 9578 8996 or download a Position Description :

We are looking for VOLUNTEERS to join GEALC’s Committee of Management (CoM), and would particularly value expressions of interest from people who have skills and experience in marketing and/or fundraising.

 The CoM key leadership responsibilities are to:

  • Set strategic direction through business plans, strategies and budgets to ensure GEALC’s accountable and efficient operation;
  • Generate and manage policies and procedures in a responsible and accountable manner, to maintain GEALC’s long-term viability.
  • Appoint and monitor the Executive Officer’s (EO) performance against agreed performance indicators
  • Monitor GEALC’s performance to ensure it meets statutory and common law compliance and reporting obligations, and funding body delivery requirements.
  • Ensure GEALC’s Revenue, Expenditure, Assets and Liabilities are maintained to ensure its ongoing viability.

The CoM delegates authority for GEALC’s operation and administration to the EO. The Board has no operational involvement in GEALC’s business activities and delivery of services. Its role is purely to set and review policy. The Committee’s role is governance. Management is the preserve of the EO and staff. Governance focuses on the organisation’s wider issues of purpose, including setting and monitoring strategic direction, and establishing and monitoring board-level policies.


  • Be a member of GEALC
  • Act in accordance with the policies and procedures of GEALC
  • Declare any conflicts of interest at each meeting
  • Take part in appropriate orientation and training sessions
  • Attend monthly meetings, AGM and occasional special meetings
  • Support the decisions of GEALC
  • Select and appoint the EO
  • Support the EO to implement Committee decisions
  • Monitor overall operation and performance of GEALC
  • Prepare for meetings by reading minutes, agendas, reports and any proposals submitted for consideration at meetings
  • Read and contribute to working papers and proposals for decision by the Committee
  • Be available to serve on sub-committees addressing specific issues
  • Attend workshops or short term task groups
  • Keep informed about issues affecting GEALC
  • Participate actively for the overall benefit of GEALC and encourage others to do likewise
  • Act as an ambassador for GEALC and promote it within the community, at functions, meetings, etc
  • Approve the annual budget
  • Ensure confidentiality of sensitive issues is maintained (by not discussing issues outside the committee room or with non-committee members)
  • Be open and frank and contribute to group discussions
  • Listen to other members’ ideas and opinions and support other committee members
  • Step into an executive position in the absence of the elected member. A nominee of the committee may be required to deal with concerns regarding the collection, use, storage, disclosure and access of an individual’s personal information.

To submit your application, please email Daniel Fine at, using the subject line: GEALC Committee Member or phone 0438 592 557 for more information.  Alternatively, you can also contact: Ashwind Skinnon on 0400 910 388.