The GEALC Team​

The GEALC Team​

We are fortunate to have an incredible team of staff and volunteers who work tirelessly together to ensure they provide positive learning experiences with programs that meet the diverse learning needs of the community.

Admin Team

Philippa Caris
Ann Manning
 Education Coordinator
& Tutor 
Kerry Moore
 AMEP Coordinator
& Tutor 
Lindy Lifszyc
 Client Support
& Community Engagement Officer 
Shikha Agarwal
 Administration Officer 
Poonam Trivedi
 Events Coordinator 
Cathrin Sumfleth
 Communications Officer 
Sandra Tempes
 Enrolment Officer 
Rita Ying
 Finance Officer
& Yoga Tutor 
Genevieve Sovereign
 Compliance Coordinator 

Our Tutors

Sally Smith
 EAL Tutor 
Lyn McKee
 EAL Tutor (Online) 
Kay Fisher
 EAL Tutor 
Susan Henenberg
 EAL Tutor  
Hanna Rojter
 EAL Tutor 
Nicki Bowell
 EAL Tutor 
Xiuli Xu
 EAL Tutor & AMEP Admin 
Mary Georgiou
 EAL Tutor 
Jenny Boyarski
 EAL Tutor 
Devorah Komesaroff
 Emergency EAL Tutor 
Stephanie Daley
 Emergency EAL Tutor 
Peng Ng
 Computer Tutor 
Kerrie Vasudevan
 Medical Reception Tutor 
David Cheeseman
 Bookkeeping & MYOB Tutor 
Setareh Hosseini
 Acrylic Painting Tutor 

Our Commitee

Dan Fine
Jenny Jackson
Ashwind Skinnon
Alice Ooi
Jamie Hyams
 General Member 
Judy Moylan
 General Member 
Belinda McLennan
 General Member 

Our Volunteers

Elizabeth Amini Arabi
Catherine Deltour
 Boomerang Bags 
Lily Sun
 EAL Class Assistant 
Qiu Yimei
 EAL Class Assistant