Policies & Reports

GEALC Governance

The Committee is responsible for overall governance of the organisation.

Accessible to all

GEALC’s staff is aware of their responsibilities with regards to Access and Equity principles. All learners have equitable access for all programs irrespective of gender, culture, linguistic background, race, socio-economic background or disability.

Complaints & Appeals

GEALC is committed to reaching a speedy and just resolution of any complaint, dispute or grievance that may arise and that may threaten its harmonious functioning.


Glen Eira Adult Learning Centre respects the right of individuals and organisations to information privacy.

Information that the Centre collects and holds is kept in accordance with Commonwealth or Victorian legislation:

Quality Training

GEALC is a registered training organisation (RTO) that adheres to the Australian Quality Training Framework.

GEALC is subject to regular audits of its policies to ensure we are delivering quality programs and our students are receiving the best possible outcomes.

Community Need

GEALC, like other community organisations, periodically undertakes analysis processes such as formal surveys, interviews, demographic research and meetings with other community organisations and with various levels of Government to make sure it provides programs that meet community need.