When you start a course at GEALC, you will be asked to complete a Learner Plan.   A Learner Plan is like a road map that a tutor can use to guide a student through their personal learning and development. Please take a few minutes to fill out your plan so we can better support your learning needs.

Please provide us your valuable feedback. Take a few minutes to fill out your thoughts about the class you have just completed this term/semester. This information helps you to see how you have progressed and helps us to develop future programs to meet your learning needs.

Do you have a suggestion for our GEALC team? We love improving the way we do things!  Let us know if you have idea for how GEALC can do that, by completing and submitting this anonymous form.

GEALC is committed to reaching a speedy and just resolution of any complaint, dispute or grievance that may arise and that may threaten its harmonious functioning.