GEALC Volunteer Awards

GEALC is extremely grateful for the support it receives from its volunteers.  During National Volunteer Week in May, GEALC acknowledges the significant contribution that volunteers make to our Centre.

Ann Maddern OH&S and Library

Courtney Tonkin Administration

Elizabeth Amini – MC Festival Event 

Danny Morgan – MC Festival Event 

Vera Nitsch – MC Festival Event 

Pingping Zhao – MC Festival Event  

 Zheng Zhang – MC Festival Event 

Beverley Edwards – Billboard Advertising 

Rachel Mackay – Billboard Advertising 

Heather Baxter EAL Tutoring & BBags

Catherine Deltour Boomerang Bags

Hayley James Boomerang Bags

Jiamei Li Boomerang Bags

Thi Hong Khong Boomerang Bags

Judy Moylan Marketing Distribution

Lily Sun – EAL Tutoring

Yimei Qiu – EAL Tutoring

Sue Favier – EAL Tutoring

Ann Maddern OH&S and Library

Sheila Ward Administration

Courtney Tonkin Administration

Heather Baxter EAL Tutoring & BBags

Caren Silver EAL Tutoring

Mardie Townsend EAL Tutoring

Catherine Deltour Boomerang Bags

Hayley James Boomerang Bags

Jiamei Li Boomerang Bags

Thi Hong Khong Boomerang Bags

Judy Moylan Marketing Distribution

Sue Favier EAL Tutoring