GEALC Life Members’ Award

This new Life Members’ Award is an honour bestowed on individual GEALC members to recognise their outstanding service and contribution to GEALC over a significant period of time.

Our members and volunteers are the heart of our organisation – bringing skills, passion and measurable benefit to our Centre.

GEALC’s Life Members’ Award is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the significant impact of the recipients’ service and contribution in making GEALC the exceptional Centre it is today.

NOTE: Eligibility includes minimum service of 10 years, as well as demonstrated commitment to the values and growth of GEALC.

2022 Life Members' Award


Sadly, after 22 years volunteering at GEALC, we farewelled Ann Maddern in 2022. Ann has generously volunteered her time as a Librarian, a member on our OH&S committee, as the Secretary and a general member on our Committee of Management member and was involved in catering for many of our events. Words cannot express our gratitude for your invaluable support, hard work, time and expertise over the years. You have played such an important part in shaping GEALC into the wonderful Centre it is today.    You are most certainly worth of our honourable Life Members’ Award.


Judy first joined GEALC in 2000 and has big-heartedly volunteered 100s no – 1000s of hours over the years not only as a former President of our committee, but as a general committee member, a gardening volunteer, attended and volunteered at numerous events and special occasions and continues to assist us in our brochure and flyer distribution.  You are most certainly a worthy recipient of this award and we cannot thank you enough for your years of service and the contribution you have made.