Quality Training

GEALC is a registered training organisation that adheres to the Australian Quality Training Framework. Click to download a copy of our most recent Australian Quality Training Framework AQTF Audit Report (2019).

Accessible to All

The Centre believes that all people, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, marital status, ability or lifestyle choice, should be afforded the same rights, opportunities, access and equity.

Given the diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds of the people who join GEALC, the Centre aims to ensure that each individual is respected and feels comfortable to express his or her beliefs and develop his or her skills.

Acceptance of people’s differences and respect for differing points of view are important. Students are encouraged to express their views in a manner that is mindful of the cultural background, beliefs, abilities and lifestyle choices of others. Please ask our staff if you would like a copy of the Centre’s Equal Opportunity Policy.

Complaints & Appeals

GEALC is committed to reaching a speedy and just resolution of any complaint, dispute or grievance that may arise and that may threaten its harmonious functioning. Anyone having a complaint, dispute or grievance (this may include discrimination, harassment and bullying) with GEALC will be encouraged to report it to the either to the Chair of the Committee or the Manager either verbally or in writing and this will be transferred to a formal report with the person’s permission. If you would like to make a formal complaint, please click here to download a form.

Privacy Policy

Glen Eira Adult Learning Centre respects the right of individuals and organisations to information privacy. Information that the Centre collects and holds is kept in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014.

The Centre collects information for research, funding, statistical and planning purposes. In most cases, GEALC will only release information about individuals or organisations to third parties with consent, or when required by law to do so. Please ask our staff if you would like a copy of the Centre’s Privacy Policy.

Meeting Community Need

GEALC, like other community organisations, periodically undertakes analysis processes such as formal surveys, interviews, demographic research and meetings with other community organisations and with various levels of Government to make sure it provides programs that meet the community need. We value your feedback. Click here to download our feedback form.

In 2011, GEALC, along with the other community houses in Glen Eira (Caulfield South, Godfrey St and Moongala) ran a joint Community Needs Analysis project of the adult learning needs in Glen Eira. Click here to download a copy of the findings!