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GEALC offers a range of daytime/evening computer classes from beginners to advanced.

Let’s Get Started – Intro Windows, Internet & Email

Start from the basics. This course will help you to understand what a computer is, how it works and what you need to know if you are thinking of buying one. Learn to turn the computer on/off correctly, keyboard functions & how to use the mouse. Using the Internet allows you to access information on any topic to make your life easier. Set up your own Email address which will keep you in touch with friends & family anywhere in Australia or around the world.

Moving On – Next Step in Windows, Internet & Email

Review basic Windows. Organise & rename your files & folders using Windows Explorer. Restore documents that have been previously sent to the Recycle Bin. Save to USB, CD & DVD. Create shortcuts for programs & folders. Review basic Internet & email. Download images, the latest virus updates & free software. Change your homepage, get the most from search engines, attach pictures & text documents to your emails.

Get To Know Windows 10

 This 8 weeks course aims at providing you with the basic understanding of Windows 10 so that you can find joy in using your computer again. It covers a brief introduction to Office programs and  the basics in:

⇒ How to get started
⇒ Installing other programs and apps
⇒ Using Microsoft Edge to surf the Web
⇒ Using Web browsers: Firefox/Chrome
⇒ Understanding the tablet mode
⇒ Using Groove to listen to music
⇒ Importing music or songs from CD
⇒ Managing your icons & screen settings
⇒ Creating, copying, moving renaming files & folders & backing up to USB & CD/DVD
⇒ Launching, closing & managing apps
⇒ Using Cortana: voice personal assistant.

Developing Skills – Microsoft Office Programs

Office Computer Skills 1

Designed for those who would like to learn a wider range of computer skills, either at work or home including Windows, Internet, Email, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint & basics of Outlook & Access.

Office Computer Skills 2 and 3

These courses follow on from Office Computer Skills 1 or 2 in more detail.

Let’s Get Digital – Digital Technology

Digital Photos 1

This course introduces you to Digital photographs. You will learn the basics of digital photographs, downloading them from your digital camera to your computer, editing and processing them. For example, changing sizes, cropping and removing red-eyes. You will also learn how to attach the photographs in your email and how to save them onto CD, DVD or your USB Flash drive.

Digital Photos 2

This course is a continuation form Digital Technology 1. You will learn more tricks and techniques in editing and processing your photographs. You can learn tricks such as making objects or people disappear from the photographs, adding people from one photograph to a different photograph. You will also learn how to scan photographs using a scanner and how to convert music from CD to MP3 format which can then be used in slideshows.

Realise Your Online Potential

We’re living in a digital age but many Australians are being left behind and don’t have the skills to make the most of being connected. This 8-week course is designed to help you feel more confident in using modern technology and navigating the Internet. Learn how to:

⇒ Access Government services (Centrelink, Medicare, etc)
⇒ Shop effectively online (groceries, holidays. Amazon, eBay, Trading Post & Gum Tree)
⇒ Use PayPal and Internet banking services
⇒ Use your smart phone
⇒ Interact using Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram)
⇒ Protect your privacy.

Using Your iPAD

Suitable for those who have recently acquired an iPad and want to get the most out of using it.  Course includes:

⇒ Searching & downloading useful applications
⇒ Using iTunes / eBooks
⇒ Taking/editing photos
⇒ WiFi (how to connect).

Short Courses

Shopping on the Internet and eBay

Ideal for those who wish to learn how to shop more effectively online (groceries, holidays, Amazon) and how to use eBay, Trading Post and Gum Tree including how to set up an account, advertise items for sale & buy items online (using PayPal).

Using Your Tablet (Apple/Samsung)

Suitable for those who have recently acquired a tablet  and want to get the most out of using it.

Social Media

Everyone talks about Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.  Learn more about the pros and cons of using social media especially for building networks for business.

Making the Most of Your Photos

This short course will help you to understand how to post photos on the Internet (like on eBay), email photos as attachments, edit your photos (changing sizes, cropping and removing red-eyes, etc) and upload to a web photo album.